Clifden Visitors Guide

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I made this introduction to the new Clifden Visitors Guide with the Clifden Chamber of Commerce. It was shown to Minister Eamon O’Cuiv in a presentation in the Abbeyglen one evening around August ’02.

Thanks to Martin, as ever, for the music


Frank Burns says:

My Godaughter Home Town Clifden Co.Galway a Beautiful Place on Irelands
West Coast a walk a long the Sky Road is a Must Do Great Pubs special
mention to Lowrys Bar for Traditional Music Guy’s Bar & Snug for Food cant
fail to have a good time

armand perrenet says:

Be carefull, be carefull with you’re treasures. I lived for a couple of
years in Ireland and I saw the changes coming, all in favour of tourism and
the Euro’s. Beautiful places and natural sights disappeared under asphalt
and concrete. Very old trees where cut down to make space for a
roadrestaurant or petrolstations. Ireland is still a paradise, but the
power of the land is in the silence, the space, the wind, the rainbows, in
that lay the future of the country. Not in more parkingslots.

theSTAR70 says:

@RalphLavelle thank you. if and when i visit Clifden i’ll inquire about it

dsa dsas says:

yea i love clifden!

bconnolly242 says:

How come not one mention of our beautiful and beloved Connemara Pony and
the annual Connemara Pony Show?

theSTAR70 says:

@RalphLavelle is it rue that a Mexican flag is raised over Clifden in honor
of John Riley, of “Los San Patricios” ?

Laurdennn says:

I love Clfiden 😀

sostenitosyuju says:

is this the birth place of John Riley?

Zanzibarsoldier says:

I have to go there.. as a Mexican im proud to have the Irish as my brothers
in arms…

dazpatreg says:

”Clochán na nGall”

BV Borussia says:


connemara100 says:

6 . Jest pięknie.

cristobal314 says:

John Realey never die, for the Mexicans and Irelands are country brothers

flipperpolo says:

we need more festivals like arts week the jazz festival

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