Latin American Revolutions: Crash Course World History #31

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In which John Green talks about the many revolutions of Latin America in the 19th century. At the beginning of the 1800s, Latin America was firmly under the control of Spain and Portugal. The revolutionary zeal that had recently created the United States and had taken off Louis XVI’s head in France arrived in South America, and a racially diverse group of people who felt more South American than European took over. John covers the soft revolution of Brazil, in which Prince Pedro boldly seized power from his father, but promised to give it back if King João ever returned to Brazil. He also covers the decidedly more violent revolutions in Mexico, Venezuela, and Argentina. Watch the video to see Simón Bolívar’s dream of a United South America crushed, even as he manages to liberate a bunch of countries and get two currencies and about a thousand schools and parks named after him.

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SomePerson says:

Too bad communists ruined latin america’s economy….

juanjoseph says:

Yes latin americans revolutions were made so that they wouldn’t have to
accept libertarian dipshit. That doesn’t makes them any less
revolutionaries. All the spanish empire was the spanish empire, so all
people born in the spanish empire were spaniards. This page loooooves
anachronisms. Simon Bolivar was a traitor to his country, for he made
alliances with the northern americans.

xtremeboy78 says:

jajaj indians are from india,,,,,,get some real history mr,,,,,,,,,omg

Ryan Nelson says:

thank you for putting on the subtitles. its nice to see that you are being
mindful of the deaf community. :-)

RunAwayToNeverland says:

+mbravo00 actually columbus didn’t get any funding from the queen.

vikingdemon666 says:

John you should talk about the situation of Puerto Rico, who is the world’s
oldest colony. From 1493-1898 Spain and 1898-Today with the USA and how
complicated is the status of the country/colony (I don’t even know how to
call it though I’m Puertorrican)

MJ4ever911 says:

Argentina is shit right now.

martin alfaro says:

Why are brings always trying to tell the stories of other cultures …they
think they know …lies

Leandro Ribeiro says:

Well, he told the brazilian independence wrong. Brazil, Portugal and
Algarves was 3 united kingdoms under the rule of the house Bragança (King
D. João VI) (United Kingdom of Portugual, Brazil and Algarves) eventhough
there were still some colonies in Africa and Asia. Prince D. Pedro I was
the regent of Brazil while his father – the King – was in Portugal
suffocating a rebellion and assuring his power over the throne. Rio de
Janeiro was the capital of the realms, but the portuguese people (in
Portugal) and the aristocracy that returned with D. João VI wanted it to
return to Lisbon and the kingdom of Brazil to return to the status of
colony. Facing that possibility the “nationalists” and D. Pedro I decide to
make the separation.
The video says that it was “peaceful”. Actually it wasn’t. There wasn’t a
war because Portugal didn’t have the military power nor the population to
mobilize against Brazil. Also the guy said that D. Pedro declared himself
king, but because of the brazilian territorial size and the expansionist
desires he declared himself Emperor, and we became the Empire of Brazil,
what resulted in a massive territorial increase (more than doubled our
size). Brazil is still a young republic and the royal family still exists,
but we don’t have an Emperor anymore, just the prince of Brazil (that have
no power or benefits at all).

YJGNatera says:

Latin America refers to portugese and spanish colonies (because the two
languages evolved from latin) this means Brazil is in Latin America.

Also, Native americans are often called “indios” (in spanish) and “indian”
(in english), because when Cristopher Columbus first arrived to the
Americas, he and the first europeans though they were in India, so they
called the natives “Indian”, that´s the origin of the misconception.

Richard Kurr says:

The labyrinth’s reference was already used years before by Nobel Price
Awardee writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez in his book “The general in his

Esmeralda Ramos says:

I just love the cartoons

Zakk Vanderhoff says:

1:11… seven day work week?

gharblarbl says:

“Egalitarian governance”, radical socialist redistribution schemes, are not
nor will ever be a part of freedom. Property rights however are, making
your purported contradiction with “fighting for freedom not always leading
to freedom” due to that fully logically consistent and no contradiction at
all. Why is it so hard for you people to admit some people not your self
proclaimed opponents fight against freedom? The compulsive need of leftist
utopists to divide everything into black and white is obnoxious.

The Great Me-sama says:

Lol Brazil and good soccer teams.

dagodino says:

Nowhere in “Latin” America will you find written Latin except the Roman
Church and last I check Rome is located in Italy. Actually regione Lazio or
(Latin) is the area where Rome resides. Everywhere on the Italian peninsula
you will
find buildings,roads,bridges with Latin inscriptions and in fact all over
the former ROMAN empire. I feel the name Latin used by
Mexicans,Central,South Americans etc. is a misnomer and ought to be changed
or at least the facts ought to be taught in school. Most Hispanics I speak
with have no Idea about the true history of Latin.
And when I explain that as an Italian American who can indeed trace his
roots to Rome I am more Latin then they’ll ever be.

David Jeffers says:

What is this “video description” of which you speak John? All I see down
there is the doobly-doo…

Christian Black says:

OMFG! You are THAT John Green ?!?!?!

Otis Williams says:

Vote for Pedro!

Йозеф Шнайзель says:

Why you read “Joao” like “Zhoao”? It is reading like Huao(n).

Ana Griego Carabajal says:

oh btw your 16 trillon dollar debt will never be fixed, south america threw
USA your broke and its just a matter of time until you go bust

Jordan B says:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Realunmaker says:

Hate to be the “Canada” of Latin America, but I’m glad you at least
mentioned us (Bolivia) twice during this video.
I’m sure Paraguay and Uruguay would like a word with you though lol

Tomás Correa zuluaga says:


LutzDerLurch says:

Mandated a 7 day workweek so they could go to church on sunday? Didnt you
mean to say 6-day workweek?

Rafael Abreu says:

in fact Napoleon didn’t took over Portugal, He tried to conquer Portugal 3
times and he failed 

CHUCK W says:


Jon Courtney says:

That laptop sticker drives me crazy. Apple is the definition of fascism.
They openly admit to installing spyware on Apple devices, and giving your
information to the NSA; an institution of USA INC.!

Fernando Alatorre says:

I am mexican and i think this is the best laid out explanation of the Latin
American Revolution! Props!

Jack Roberto says:


Christopher Rodriguez says:

First of all, thank you for your wonderful videos. I’ve learned in a few
weeks what it ussually takes months and I have seen not even a third of
your total videos. It’s fantastic to see someone interested in teaching
people in a fun and particular way.

That said, even if it may sound rude from a new suscriber, I’d like to ask
for a video for a particular topic. This topic being political life in main
places in the caribbean. I, myself, know pretty much about the topic, due
to the fact I live in the caribbean itself, but this story is really mixed
up, and the bigger the island, the greater mess there is and also
absolutely interesting and, in some cases, really important.

Again thanks for the great videos +CrashCourse , hope you take my idea in

AwesomRandomVids says:

Thank you so much for making these, they are really helpful!

sammyjoebob says:

Dear John
It’s called football, not soccer:)

Pedro Sabino says:

Napoleon never conquered Portugal. Napoleon never conquered Russia and
Portugal. He failed to conquer us…thrice!
we were however controlled by the british…

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