Massive explosion at oil refinery in Mexico (MUST WATCH)

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PEMEX Refinery Explosion 19/9/2012 – alternative angle
Mexican State owned oil company PEMEX reported a huge explosion in a gas depot outside Reynosa, leaving 30 casualties and more than 40 injured. Military forces took almost all day trying to put down the inmense fireball and contain the situation.


SuperMrBentley says:

mexicans dont even know how to operate their own facilities, thats why they
need foreign expertise

Esteban chavez says:


VIEW8472 says:

The Valdez, New orleans and all of the latin countries who are stupid
enough to let the Amercians drill in there soil have caused not only
damaged to the people but to the environments in other countries.

Poppa Bear says:

Last time I seen Mexicans run that fast was from Border Patrol.

thomas everson says:

Wow. I cannot believe that. 30 dead.


i want to see that in Thessaloniki ”Esso Papas” refinery !
Just to record it !

MrMotherfuck123 says:

There are a couple Definitions of Hell, but this must be one of them very

Cabhan Listis says:


The only reason this happened is because some of you didn’t watch. It’s all
your fault.

oopalonga says:

damn shits sad. if i were there id hope the blast killed me, that’s gotta
be one wicked way to go = /

Louis Gedo says:

At about :27 seconds toward the upper right of the screen, you can see what
looks like a truck moving in the direction of around 4 o’clock…then at
about :33 seconds it gets swallowed up by the fireball.

Philip Lowe says:

I didn’t see anything.

Angel Pliego J.R says:

the reason why this happens is because Mexico has no regulations like we
have in the U.S 

Slacy1992m57 says:

Time to drag this one fellas.

dan pres says:

Who farted?

Fred De la Cruz says:

Lol angel pliego You know us isnt the best AT EVERYTHING

FTS MF says:

Thats truly terrifying the sad thing is is the workers who go to work that
morning and dont come home dont even feel any danger and get incinerated
because someone left a gas line running or someone was doing hotwork
without a permit… our safty guys in most of the places ive gone are
usually ontop of that shit unlike BP Texas City, I lived there most of my
life and saw a few explosions enough to the point I wasn’t surprised when
it happened.

Justin DelValle says:

There no massive explosion just a big ball of fire. If there was an
explosion there would have been a shockwave

KingsandQueensOfDuty says:

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TheBritishLegions says:

it is official BF3 SUCKS!
Why this does not happen!! ?

promisepanda says:

Battlefield 3. 

Tawatchai Arsawang says:

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skeeterjackbug says:


Ashley Smith says:


Михаил Пустовалов says:
Marvyn Goh Hong Xian says:


diki1555 says:

This is a trippy one, as if charges were coordinated for an explosion like

Roman Anisimov says:
Brooks8314 says:

The people look like ants……..Mexican ants.

John Johnson says:

Dumb beaners

found a liquor and drank it says:

lkr lol

Ryan Callas says:

That trucker was in a bad spot

XxEAGLEONExX11 says:

I never heard of him.

Zen Kitteh says:

The trucker got roasted I’m sure. Wrong place wrong time.

Chino says:

no, fireman sam is real, the realist fireman that ever lived infact

Jolly Roger says:


CycloneRider says:

How come this does not happen in battle field 3

XxEAGLEONExX11 says:

Wait….. isn’t that from a baby show?

Chino says:

wheres fire man sam when you need him!

Doyle Raizner LLP says:

We can see people continuing to run away well after the initial explosion.
They were fortunate that more were not killed in that explosion.

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