Traveling Meditation Project (Mexico City)

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For this project I traveled to the following cities. They are Toronto, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh,New York and Mexico City. The reason why I selected these cities for my project is because they are the epicenter of trade and commerce. You will find these cities more than others were people are in a constant rush and they are often lost in there own thoughts. For my project I was located in busy walking areas, such as parks, parking lots, and sidewalks. I want the average person to stop what they are doing and try to figure out why I am there.
What was I doing there you may be asking ? Well, I was doing a performance/instructional art project on how to meditate. What the viewer saw was a step-by-step video on how to meditate projected onto a outdoor screen. The steps that the viewer were learning are, how to sit in various meditation postures, how to count your outgoing breath to gain concentration, and finally how to stretch after you finish meditating. During most of the process I was sitting on a meditation mat going through the meditation process. After I finished I answered any questions if the viewer had . Next to me will be two other meditation mats if the viewer feels comfortable to sit and participate. While this is all happening the whole activity is documented for a later catalog.
What I wanted the viewer to get from this project is a sense of control of there lives. I wanted them to learn that meditation can help calm their minds and to be more present in every day activities. I hope that they will realize how much their own mind causes a lot of their own stress and uneasiness. When they see the benefits of meditation I hope they share their experience with family and friends.


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