USA Mexico Border Crossing

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Ryan Janek Wolowski and R. Sky Palkowitz cross the USA / Mexico border on foot from Arizona into Nogales, Sonora Mexico.

Mexico Nogales, Sonora / USA Arizona International Border Crossing

Nogales, Sonora, Mexico Information Center
1 Pesqueira Street Plaza
Nogales, Son, MX

Nogales, Sonora, Mexico English website

Nogales, Sonora, Mexico Spanish website
011 52 (000) 000-0000

Nogales Santa Cruz Arizona USA County Chamber of Commerce
123 W. Kino Park Way
Nogales, AZ 85621
(520) 287-3685

Nogales, Sonora, Mexico
Nogales, Arizona USA
by Ryan Janek Wolowski


Charles Deniz says:

Hey id like to know if they usually ask in a US border for the 10 finger
print in biometrics when you pass by walking in immigration border to
return to US please? Thanks a lot

Valeria Teran says:

i visit nogales, Sonora., my parents are from there.

Thomas Kipley DuGan says:

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people; the so-called Vampires, ladies of the night, life itself. Read my
book -just off the press. Go to facebook type Through The Eyes An Adventure
in Nogales click on the video book trailer Through The Eyes An Adventure
in Nogales make sure you click on “Through the Eyes: An Adventure in
Nogales” by Thomas Kipley DuGan not the video itiself. -1:26 of your
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very very very stupid video, she is a miss pigy ilegal in the mexico, nor
as help both, of the two is not so smart one person and only fill the mouth
saying stupid are both made ​​for each other.

Alex AlanBrito says:

Ok, both are called nogales, because the half of usa, was part of mexico,
you gringos, dont study history in usa?

lance holmes says:

You only need that to cross back into the US

Rafael Rodriguez says:

They’re playing “La Marcha De Zacatecas”

crazyemperador says:

esto es racista ya que ustedes no nececitan visa

luis r says:

you got to see the beautiful side of mexico.not the ugly violent side the
media shows.i miss mexico.i hope i can go back someday soon.nice video

hobo1ninermike says:

She is one big fat nasty ass bitch.

abrahamutrera87 says:

En ingles no se usan acentos.


no they did not study history of course in USA the schools change the
history about the reason of USA invade Mexico in 1845

DingisMcGee says:

I found this video to be mildly amusing…..I lived in Canada, and also
found it interesting to cross the border to the U.S.A. …. thanks for the

SkateborderX12 says:

i would have standed in the line of the border ofr like five seconds and

Trevor Allen says:

lol your safe that is funny , a few of thows guys when you first walked out
side it looked like they wanted to jump you guys lol

Fntshdrgn says:

Theres only one problem, the USA is pretty welcoming throughout our country
by posting both English/En Espanol Signs all over. yet I have not seen one
in Mexico that has En Espanol and English…RUDE!

crazyemperador says:

shut up pinche pendeja cara de ano

vickiT1968 says:

it’s the point of showing yr passport to Get OUT of Mexico 🙂

Alex AlanBrito says:


kiente09 says:

two polish descent northern europeans who are walking from stolen mexico to
another part of mexico.

crazyemperador says:

a whale with wig

TheChaoticUnicorn says:

I used to live in Nogales, Arizona. All the time I would stand right in the
middle of that revolving door type thing and stick my arms out. “I’m in two
countries bitches!”


but that is not fault of this people of course!!

crazyemperador says:

tu puta madre

Justin Cabrera says:

I wanna do that looks fun 😀

vigorstyle916chino says:

the reason why its called nogales arizona is cause california was part of
mexico.. as well as arizona

Blackhawk6699 says:

dont forget your passport

Fntshdrgn says:

Theres only one problem, the USA is pretty welcoming throughout our country
by posting both English/En Espanol Signs all over. yet I have not seen one
in Mexico that has En Espanol and English…RUDE!

Kevin Gonzalez says:

They won’t ask for anything while your getting into Mexico from the US, but
you’ll get your ass kicked if try to do it backwards


@TremleyPoint1 You dumb anchor babies you make me laugh ,YOUR ANCESTORS
rape ,murder ,stole ,enslave ,so many countrys fuck then over then have the
nerve to call then shitholes. lets see you murder in
africa,mexico,hati,puerto rico,cuba,even here in america do you remenber
the native americans and you drop the bomb on on japan and killed babies
old women and mothers . get the fuck outta here with that shit .

vickiT1968 says:

Luv you guys!!!

Tom Tito says:

this girl is huffing and puffing out of breath walking she said she is a
vegetarian hum?

teddbear52 says:

wow i cant even go there thanks for showing this but do they have dentures
cheap like dude here it cost bigg bucks there i dont know ? in pesos have
funn there.tedd

Ren Vogt says:

lol you really made me laugh soo funny personalitys

fkthewaat says:

how did you cross the border without showing your passport?

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