Amazing Natural Mexican Fire Opal Gemstone Beads Wholesale Exporter

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Fire Opal is an amazing Fire Colour Opal Stone.It belongs to Opal Group thus is lighter in mass weight.Fire Opal gives an eye soothing effect.Its hardness is 6 on mohs scale.

Fire Opal is mined at Mexico & Brazil where Mexican Fire Opal is the best which is directly sourced by Jindal Gems from the mines where the assortment is being done to get the best quality at wholesale prices Gemstone Beads.

Many Shapes are being manufactured of Fire Opal by Jindal Gems including: Far Faceted roundelles,smooth roundelles,faceted pear,faceted heart etc Gemstone Beads.

You can find Fire Opal Gemstone Beads Collection at:


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You call that opal??? BULLSHIT:/

Jindal Gems says:

Amazing Fire Opal Gemstone Beads Collection Only At

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