BMW announces plans to open Mexican plant | Journal

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Mexico is a global manufacturing powerhouse. The North American country sits next door to the all important US market and production costs there are low. Now German auto manufacturer, BMW has announced it too will open a factory in Mexico. More informations.


Eric M says:

Of all the countries in the world you choose Mexico? I guess I will only
buy the BMWs that are made in Germany.

stephen arellano says:

Mexico should have a strong private sector in Mexico, the deal means
something strong for Germany not Mexico ( German investment worldwide ).

the question is why Mexico not do the same in other nations?

Moonsabie says:

global car manufacture no more nationalism. 

Kostas Siozos says:

BMW is looking for some cheap slave labor,nothing else

Steven Western says:

This is how Mexican politicians become rich. Nothing happens in Mexico
without brides. I would never buy a car made in this shit hole country

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