CBP Video – How to Import Your Automobile

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Are you buying a car from a Canada or Mexico? Have you bought a car from overseas and want to bring it into the states? The following is CBP’s guide to importing a car into the U.S. Watch this video for some important tips and steps to make this process as smooth as possible! Also, feel free to search on our website, www.cbp.gov and click on Questions/Complaints for additional information.


braulio amparan says:

I have a question i hope someone sees this lol, this christmas im going to
import a 1983 chevy silverado that has not been in my families house hold
for more than one year, must i pay the 25% duty rate?

199alexman says:

how about if i can the car in the united states and i want to register the
car back? how can i pay the taxes or get my clean title back?

seajist says:


Chris Gonzalez says:

Can a TVS KING three wheel motorcycle be imported from Mexico? They use to
sell them in the USA but took them of the market because of low demand.

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