Gta 5 How To Import Cars From Offline To Online Patch 1.12

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in this video i will be showing you how to get cars from offline to online in gta 5

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DBK283 says:

im sorry but it does not

DBK283 says:

i will do 1.12 when i figure it out 

DBK283 says:

Thank You for subscribing calvin kruger
and this only works on invite only because rockstar patched public session
so it makes it one step longer.if you want any help insuring any car add me
on psn:cezarthebest
i’m online most of the time
make sure you check my short stunt video : A Rare Gta 5 Stunt Jump

alex yagudaev says:

Doesn’t work for 1.12. 

Calvin Kruger says:

It works in go not invite only BTW

Calvin Kruger says:

Great vid thx for the help. P.S. You just got a new subscriber.

عمر الشمري says:

1.12 ? 

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