Removing/Renewing a Mexican Temporary Import Permit in Quintana Roo

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When you bring a vehicle into Mexico you have two choices – you can purchase a Temporary Import Permit for a fee plus a deposit based on the age of the vehicle, or you can permanently import the vehicle. A foreigner may apply for one T.I.P. at a time, which is good for 6 months maximum. After that period you lose your deposit ( $200 US for my 93 Ranger ). You are only allowed one a time and unless a T.I.P. is cancelled by taking the vehicle out of Mexico, you can’t get another…ever. I brought my truck and bike into Quintana Roo via sea out of Florida and got my truck’s T.I.P at Puerto Juarez, just outside of Cancun. I imported my motorcycle permanently through a broker in Cancun ( you can have a T.I.P.and still permanently import.) A year later I drove to the nearest country – Belize – to remove/renew my T.I.P. At the Banjercito, in the strip area between Belize and Mexico I spoke with the young lady and was informed that I could renew/ cancel my T.I.P. there and only there. To permanently import the truck I would have to deal with a northern crossing but that could now be done by email. I choose to cancel my T.I.P. and sign my truck over to my Mexican friend who was with me. This process took under 5 mins and I received a cancellation form showing my T.I.P. had been removed.


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