Mexican Institute of Sound – Mexico

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“Mexico” is the new single from the forthcoming Mexican Institute of Sound album ‘Politico.’ Single available digitally on iTunes July 3rd. Full album available digitally July 17th. CD available Aug. 14th.

You can pre-order “Politico” on US Amazon on this link:


Kevin Caamaño says:

I am #Ayotzinapa

Isabelle Douzamy says:

Mexican Institute of Sound – Mexico

Isabelle Douzamy Artiste Peintre says:

Mexican Institute of Sound – Mexico

ricmedinar1 says:

Entoces deberíamos haber entregado el país a los narcos? para que “no haya
muertos” como se yo que este tipo de grupos o instituciones no son pagadas
por el mismo narco porque definitivamente el narco es parte de nuestros
partidos políticos sobre todo los de la izquierda precisamente la izquierda
son los priistas que permitieron crecer al narco durante los sexenios de
Echeverria, López Portillo y Miguel de la Madrid curiosamente esto cambia a
partir de Salinas y empiezan los problemas claro los habían sacado del PRI
y del poder como dijeron en la película la ley de Herodes formo mi propio
partido y me los chingo 

Pedro Favela says:

Todos somos victimas de un estado conquistado.

J. Birdhouse says:

Im CH Regional Radio gehört. Hammer Track! Ohrwurm.
Wird sich sicher zu einem Club-Knüller entwickeln…

themoviegoer says:

Is the beginning of this song sampled from anything?

david ali naranjo herrera says:
Daniel Nava says:

La parte de las trompetas es otra canción? Ósea la parte de mariachi

Rafael Garcia says:


P Sec Alex says:

por un momento crei que era gorillaz-dare por el ritmo XD 

Consuelo Arellanes says:
Ederick500 says:


Martin Weidemann says:

I heard this track on German radio. so hot! Love him.

alexknd says:

Algo necesario, crear consciencia, México, ¿Por qe eres tan pendejo?!?!?

Marijke Schouten says:

Where did you find the full lyrics? All I found was “Verde de mota, blanco
de coca y rojo de tu sangre (green of marijuana, white of cocaine and red
of your blood)” Thanks!

Milhouseleponge says:

Super chanson !!!!!

MrNicKO81 says:

faut piger les paroles, c un titre génial et quui a qqchose a dire

cosmo Avi says:


Dingo Tom says:

Entendu sur France Inter, d’la balle ! Peace



Marijke Schouten says:


figocooldude says:

Pendejo, ¿qué tiene que ver el peje con las víctimas de la guardería ABC?

kaleidoscopesandcellophane says:

Perfecto.! Es muy bien!

Pedro de la Cruz says:

gran cancion. Animo desde españa d uno q vivio alla!

BaZteKs says:


Fiction Park says:

“Ra Ra Ra” clearly is a reference to Mambo Universitario by Perez Prado.
Alas, a depressive one.

jacasforever says:

aún con todo lo malo que tiene México, nunca rebasará lo bueno que hay por

An gel says:

Excelente en muchos sentidos.

WTF TV says:


esslar1 says:


Ole Fashioned Dove Gong says:

axgenius says:

Me dueles México. Gracias Camilo Excelente video

MyNameisJozsh says:


Tezcatlepocatl says:

The cartels make money from many more things than marijuana. They extort,
kidnap, import sex slaves, exploit illegal immigrants, etc. In some places
they control the local governments. Legalizing marijuana would make only a
tiny dent in their profits. Disarm the gangs? That’s what the government
has been trying to do for years. But they always just get more weapons from
the US, China, and Central America. What the Mexican people need to do is
arm themselves and fight back against the cartels.

818Intellectual says:

I agree with what you have to say nevertheless, I feel that it’s the
Mexican politicians and those with power that have lost their identity and
try to please Europeans and the U.S and make Mexico attractive to these
individuals something utterly stupid considering its the people of Mexico
that the Mexican politicians should care about. All in all, in my opinion,
its the Mexican politicians and so forth that have sold their identity and
dignity whereas the people still have lots of pride!

vladito123 says:

El vocalista si es pésimo !

Arzotino says:

There’s one sentence by Gabriel Garcia Marquez: “When the prohibition in
USA came to an end, alcoholism didn’t vanished – but Al Capone did”. I
Anyway, Greetings from Poland.

Christian L. Castellanos says:

la neta!!! chida rola!

Juan Moncada says:

no mames Puro Marco Fabian De La Mora jajaja

PropofAnd says:

I couldnt agree more about everything you said. And I dont know is it just
me hoping, but I think the real Mexicans are going to prevail. Just take
care of each other, and, like I said, everything starts from the small
communities, where people know each other. Same people will know best who
to choose for their leaders. I wish all the best, and from the heart, to
kind and warm hearted Mexican people. Viva Mexico!

Despiertame me says:

7 pendejos son burgueses… que creen que el pueblo no va a despertar..

noize2040 says:

Not only that. Mexico is ruled by an ARISTOCRATIC ELITE that descends from
EUROPE NOT FROM MEXICO. Those assholes ancestors dont descend from the
TOLTECS TEOTIHUCANS. tHEY ARE INVADERS exploiting mexicans. The aztecs
built mexico city/TENOCHTILAN on an island without euro
technology.Biologically engineered Corn. What the hell have the CIVILIZED
euros done to it. Seems like sacrafices are still occuring every 100 years
in MEX, 1810,1910,2010. Abonden Spanish and Catholicsm,

TheEhmm says:


Ohtolol says:

Great song, but someone has the lyrics? Cuz i know it’s a political song,
but i can’t rly understand

Martin Ring Andreasen says:

Fantastic video. Definitely makes me miss DF for it’s culture and political

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