How Donald Trump Plans To Build USA Mexico Border Wall

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Business mogul and USA Presidential candidate discusses relations with Mexico on Hannity


Arandomguy XD says:

Trump is such a comedian, I can't take him seriously because his a joke.

John Doe says:

Voter fraud in Texas already ! Info wars

Anwar Robertson says:

Did this idiot just condemn Fox for using the f bomb? ARE YOU SERIOUS? His supporters are beyond DUMB.. Someone has to call him out on his hypocrisy on using foul language.

Margo P says:

Already wiggling out of deporting the illegals. He says there are some 'good' ones; what is the criteria for figuring out who is 'good'? How will they be going to 'go out'? And working out a system that is fair? Who decides what is 'fair'?

And if he's wrong about Mexico paying for the wall, he sits right here and says that "we will have another meeting and I will apologize to you (the people)." Doesn't sound like a for sure thing to me.

ENK video's says:

I love Obama ❤️?? And fuck fuck fuck fuck Donald trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

tejano151 says:

fuck all I want to do is watch videos about my country and when i type in mexico into youtube all that comes up is donald trump bashing mexico and people speaking trash about mexico. this will never end.

Sean Fairchild says:

58 billion deficit with Mexico, Germany has a 70+ billion deficit, Japan, China, go after Germany too if you're going to single out nations.

Sean Fairchild says:

If you want to negotiate with Mexico, you need to hand back the Gadsden including the Imperial Valley and the Salton Sea. Yuma, Tucson.

Sean Fairchild says:

Trump said at the podium to the entire world that he will negotiate with Mexico by saying "Listen Mother F'ers". So does he actually feel offended and expect an apology. No!

hound says:

VOTE TRUMP TEXAS unless you don't want a wall protecting your border

Analyze History says:

Mexico, China, Japan, Vietnam, India, etc are all countries where workers are paid slave wages so that their oligarchies can eat at the altar of Capitalism.

ipressedabutton says:

d trump, the 'king' of disclaimers.

One Life says:

I am not voting for this NAZI scum

Luca Viggiani says:

Okay okay! I'll buy the car!

1776 Worldwide says:

Build the Wall….Trump 2016

Jester2b04 says:

how terrific Is the wall gonna be again ? I forgot

joada211 says:

Title says how he plans on building the wall but of course he never talks in detail on how the hell this shit is going to be built.

livydman says:

Trump has thrown out the words "fuck" and "pussy". Who's disgusting?

Wanna stop illegal immigration? Prosecute those who employ them.

If he doesn't have the support of a majority of Congress to support him how will he build anything?

The majority of people who turn to heroin start on legal prescription opiates–wanna stop heroin addiction? Start there.

This is a man who doesn't understand policy, the Constitution or how government works. He wants to vilify easy targets, like Mexicans, and fail to address the root causes of problems.

joada211 says:

Make border control fun again!!

bellamon products says:

this can't happend , it sounds good to hear it but it wont happen because Mexico will declare a war in trade and USA will collapse because wall street is with Mexico.
mexico can easily stop buying goods from USA and start buying from china or other places and kick all of the american corporates out of Mexico like wall mart,Costco,home depot and i can go on and on. Bottom line is this if Mexico gets hurt than so is the USA and big time. you wont even know where it came from. No sales mean economy plunges…

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