Impression Of Mexico – Exclusive Wheeler Dealers: Trading Up

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Mike shares his impression of Mexico.

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B Nasty says:

Mexico is not dangerous. No one here in Mexico has been shot when at the
movie theaters or in the schools like in the fine USA.

The ones that the issues are the ones who go out looking for prostitutes,
looking to buy/sell drugs, or those looking for under age kids to have sex
with. These activity’s will come into cartel business territory.

I’v been living here for five years with no issues unlike when I was living
in the USA dealing black people everyday. 

Ayrton Senna says:

Wanna go to a dangerous place??? go to the north of Mexico, where the drug
lords rule…

Eidrian111 says:

no it isn’t

jhovani herrera says:

Yes, Mexico is dangerous, but still a beautiful country.

lilpoindexter says:

Mike, you aren’t scared?

Eidrian111 says:

It is very nice

caracolcek says:

dangerous as hell dude!!!!!

Daniel San says:

Never been to Mexico, but actually looks nice enough!

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