Krauss on Science & Mexico City Trade Mission

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Arizona State University Physicist Lawrence Krauss makes his monthly appearance on Arizona Horizon to talk about the most recent news on the Higgs Boson particle. A half-dozen Arizona lawmakers went to Mexico City on mission to establish a permanent Arizona presence in that city and seek out partnerships in the business and political worlds. House Speaker Andy Tobin led the mission.


CDenic says:

Elvis? The peak of human civilization? I think not.
The 80’s was the peak of human civilization. We had hair metal.

teslabamf says:

Krauss is Bauss

kangsan2014 says:

Arizona University is one of the better universities in the U.S. I attended
Indiana University and they aren’t as vocal. One thing I like about Arizona
University is that AU focuses on science and is not afraid to go out and
educate the public unlike other universities.

007MrYang says:

Glad I subscribed!

bluewhale18 says:

Krauss is my favourite scientist

Jeff LRat says:

I have got to get a pair of glasses like Lawrence Krauss has!!! Damn, those
things are cool 🙂

Chase Beasley says:

New Book????

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