Mexico and The Philippines: History

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Okay,I made this video when I was like 12, now I’m almost 16 y/o and when I looked back at this video I found a lot of grammatical errors like “most biggest” etc. Please understand that I was still in ELD classes then. But I still do, up to this day reply to comments from time to time. Even though it’s been more than 2 years since I made this video.

I’m sure there was some inaccurate information here, just a few things though so don’t worry.

This is a school project I made a long time ago. But I was the one who chose this topic. 😀

I hope most of the viewers will find this interesting.

This is basically Christopher Columbus’ dream of a trade between Asia to Americas and Europe. He died not knowing “Asia – India” is actually America. So yeah, this is it. Rather than trade between Mexico and Philippines, it’s more of all of Asia trading (Japan, China, India, Malaysia..etc.).

Just in case this video is not enough, here are links to more info about this:


Nicole Alvarado says:

Yes!! i love my Filipino cousins and im mexican and i love you guys with
all my heart! SO LONG LIVE MEXICO AND THE PHILIPINES!!!! much love

Ross La Vel says:

An amazing work for someone so young….. congratulations!!!

jjgnbf says:

mejico no pinta nada en Filipinas, era una colonia como Filipinas, el
Virrey era español y el gobernador general de Filipinas tambien.
Ademas la mayor influencia española en Filipinas se produce a partir de
La poblacion de Filipinas en su mayoria es malaya y una minoria mestiza de
español y otra de chino

Jonathan Aranda says:

I love you my distance Filipino cousins much love from your distance
mexican cousins 

tetsuwan81 says:

Excelent video very interesting & illustrative in mexico the history books
dont say nothing about this

Excelente video muy interesante y ilustrativo en los libros de historia
aqui en mexico no viene nada sobre esto

Greetings form Monterrey,Mexico

Saludos desde Monterrey,Mexico

Young Mobstaz says:

Fuck mexicans fuck those faggots motherfuckers they r dead bitch

Van Mo says:

Filipinos are Malayo-Polynesians. The only similarities the Philippines
have with Mexico is both countries were colonized by Espana and were taught
Spanish cultures. Both went through same hardships that is why both respect
each other.

Ramona Estrada says:

this is beautiful ahora se mas de mi cultura and my Filipino relatives
salamat gracias and THANK YOU SO MUCH

leenavfflic says:

This is what I understand base from Philippine History, Magellan discovered
the Philippines under Spain,and introduced Christianity,and the America
bought the Philippines from spain and intoduced Education and a form of
government and then after WW2 Japan showed us how to do housekeeping. So we
have multiple cultures,,, Filipino,,Mexican, American, Japanese, and
chinese too! Are these the reason maybe that Filipinos are mixed up in many
ways.? different cultures, Think about it.

jjgnbf says:

Pues parece que no dieron mucha vida por no peder los territorios del norte
del virreinato español, dominados por ESPAÑA durante dos siglos y mal
llevados por mejico durante 20 años.
En Filipinas la presencia española es mas intensa en la segunda mitad del
siglo xix, mas cuando se abre el canal de Suez y mejoran los barcos cuando
tienen motores que son mas rapidos.
Venga a ver telenovelas

Ohmrey De Ascis says:

Very well said. Educational INDEED! Thank you so much for educating my

M Joe says:

Comparing Filipinos to Mexicans is almost like comparing Arabs to

ace sernal says:

mexican and pinoy boxers are good

Ronald Lagubana says:

What is the title of the background song in the first part? The song that
sounds like mexican boy band 🙂 I’d like to know please… I got LSS with

El Guapo says:

Masarap ang mga Mexicana. Putang inang Espanya.

Carlo Francis Palma says:

hay grande relacion entre la filipinas y mexico.

Weng Yuson says:

waaahhhh i didnt no this…. i was in tears when i saw this…..
and the background music…its great…what’s the title of this????

richrad cortez says:

I like the song,,…

jessa bodols says:

i am filipino and i am asian and im proud to say that..if you dont accept
who you are, and your weaknesses no other country would like to respect

elideth rodriguez says:
Daniel Reynoso says:

Hermanos filipinos 🙂 We love them from México!

Robert Detablan says:

Thank you for sharing this video with us! I was born in the Philippines but
grew up travelling around the U.S. I have spent most of my travelling years
living in Texas. I call Texas my home in the U.S. and I have been visiting
Mexico from California and Texas for years and I can tell you this, even as
a Filipino myself, I cannot tell the difference between Filipinos and
Mexicans just by seeing them. Only when they speak could I ever tell the
difference. Whenever I go to Mexico I always feel like I am home in the
Philippines and I am always mistaken for Mexican when I am there. I speak
Spanish fluently since my grandfather (on my mother’s side) is from
Mexican/ Spanish descent. I always knew about the Filipinos being brought
to Mexico for labor as a result of plagues like chicken pox that were
wiping out native peoples in Mexico and the same with Mexicans being sent
to the Philippines to start up the tobacco and sugarcane industries as well
as the native spices for trade in Europe. These were the stories my
grandfather used to tell me when I was a kid but I learned more from my
history classes in school. I do believe that if Mexicans today see how
Filipinos live and vice-versa with Filipinos seeing how Mexicans live, I
believe they would know that we share more similarities than differences
between our peoples and culture. We have been brought together and share a
mutual bond. We need to teach this to our children so that they know and
never forget that despite the vastness of the Pacific Ocean we were brought
together even if it was out of greed and glutton.

robert ballesteros says:

Greetings to my primos y primas mexicanos. Yo soy de las islas filipinas
pero vivo aqui en Dallas, TX.–gracias, Jose Roberto Ballesteros

L Lawliet says:

getting tired of being grouped with Mexicans

Heil Wolf says:

And yet everything that’s non-native Mexican originated from Spain 

Kim Aldrin Navarro says:

Rivals in Sports but siblings in Blood and Culture, separated by ocean but
together made history

P.S. can somebody please tell me the song in 1:22

Kiking Hakimuddin says:

Why am I not surprised? Another typical filipino wanting to be anything BUT
a filipino. To filipinos reading this comment: aren’t you tired of the
self-hatred programmed into you by your colonial maters? Don’t you have
curiosity to actually look into the cultures of your actual ancestors and
the cultures of our relatives (Indonesians and Malays)? Why are you so
obsessed with wanting to become something other than what you actually are?
I asked these questions and found Islam. Think about it. Peace.

Luizao van der Vraailen says:

very interesting document. i didn’t know about this hidden part of history.
i am very interested in ethnic groups of the Philippines as well as Mexico.
thanks for the research!

robert ballesteros says:

My knowledge about the Mexican-Philippine history was enhanced after
visiting the Dallas Museum of Arts in 2013. Those several centuries old
historical records revealed that Mexico, (used to be called “New Spain”)
had a intimate trade relations with the Philippines (Manila-Acapulco
Galleon trade) in the 15th Century. Those soldiers recruited by Spain that
came to the Philippines were mostly from Mexico. As I can recall, there are
strong resemblance of the facial contors and features of those inhabitants
in the Cavite-Batangas areas where those big Galleon ships were docked at
or nearby Sangley point in Cavite or at the Manila Bay. These mexican
soldiers brought and recruited by spain intermarried the locals there thus
we have the new breed of mesrtizos (Indian and Spanish mixed races).
Whenever i come across a mexican friends in the USA or Texas, I tend to
explain to the that the Mexicans are the distant cousins (primos y primas)
of the Filipinos. Those rythm of musics and dances of the Philippines were
of Mexican influences unknown to many Filipinos.

Nelida Zaldivia says:

Im always got a high grade in history subject but I never knew this mexico
and filipinas ties…muchas gracias for uploading this informative
materials…I hate Spain ..they made us slave for 333yrs…but thanks for
making Philippines a catholic nation….we are now loved by God..

mikedizzle says:

…..and after both countries gain their independence from Spain, Mexico’s
Juan Manuel Marquez set the first boxing academy in the Philippines with a
powerful sthaight right that send paquiao to lala land in the end of the
6th round. The end

Yasmin Villapando says:

I didn’t bother finishing the whole video because I think it doesn’t make
any sense. Mexico and the Philippines didn’t have any “Major” history at
all. And about the similarity in our language, that’s all just because
Spain colonized the Philippines for 333 years (No wonder why we borrowed a
few words from “Spain”). An explorer from portugal named Magellan was the
one who discovered the Philippines together with the spaniards.

mark josepg says:

what is the title of the intro guitar solo ? mark from philippines.. i
love to study history .

Agustus Emmanuel Tambasacan says:

Whats the title of the song?. God bless Mexico and Philippines

mark arong says:

We are very lost in our history

girl pango says:

nice video..

PL Mahong says:

nice…. goal and objectivs achieved…. 99%…. !% is for grammatical
error… thanks!!!

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