Mexico Has Become a Massive Export Machine – Autoline Daily 1299

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– Nissan Draws Ire of FTC
– CLA Attracts New Customers
– Mexican Market 101
– Kia Design to Go Further
– Model S China Pricing Announced
– 2015 Cadillac Escalade Pricing
– Honda Sees Fleet Sales as Plauge

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DocWolph says:

It sounds like HONDA is dead set on what they think works. But “doing what
is best for the customer” also has to mean having the capacity to deliver
on it. Not looking into Quality/”Good” fleet sales to pad the accounts sort
of limits what all the company can do to do what is best for the Customer.
After all several companies like GM, do that on more than few products, on
more than just a basic “It won’t break, so it’s good” basis.

Where are all the bad-ass and interesting cars? Acura is a fading thing,
Honda has nothing to discuss, aside from the new NSX (Which we are getting
tired of discussing and want to see already), and Honda’s is really missing
out on the Small sports coupe thing right now (New Prelude anyone?).

If It is Honda’s intent to go do something else, besides cars. Fine, just
say so and stop egging us on for something that is not going to happen or
is not worth it when it finally does. I mean just how long can you keep
selling on reputation before beign a Honda is not good enough to by a Honda.

BTW the Ridgeline is going to tank again. Even Nissan makes two better
trucks right now than the Ridgeline is or is likely to be.

1bentley4ever says:

I think another reason why Honda doesn’t do fleet is that having Honda
rental vehicles cheapens the image of the entire brand, giving customers an
image of a cheapy throwaway car 

Bill Yates says:

Ross Perot said there would be a big sucking sound if NAFTA was passed and
he was right, the sucking sound of course was U.S. jobs being sucked down
to Mexico. I remember Ross Perot debating the traitor Al Gore on Larry
King Live and Al Gore said NAFTA would increase U.S. exports to Mexico,
what a joke! Now Gore is trying to convince us that CO2 is causing climate
change, another lie! The correlation between earths temperature and CO2
broke 100 years ago. And of course he did not show us that in his fairy
tail book “An Inconvenient Truth”.

Fabian Diaz says:

Keep up the great work!

Dragon Butt says:

Now if only mexico would export some of its vehicles to the US. I want a
super beetle 1400 (The last of the ‘originals’, still being built there)
And a dodge ramcharger II (Made only in mexico, still very legit).

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