N.J. Gov. Christie meets Pena Nieto during Mexico trade mission

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie holds talks with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto during a trade mission to boost commercial ties. Rough Cut. (No Reporter Narration).

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Skippa Leflippa says:

Christie’s still fat…
And he’s darker than his Mexican counterpart

MontanicOrganic says:

I’m American and I laugh at all you failure f-ups who think you’re going to
find utopia up here. You obviously can’t make a go of it in your own nest.
Fix your own damn mess and live there, you “macho” thieves, you ‘wanna-be
Americans.’ Pathetic.

Richard Nixon says:
Watchoutfor Thegorilla says:

WoW,,, christie is one Fat Fucker,,, and a Liberal one at that,,,!!!

Sobrino928 says:

Nice awkward hug and handshake.

Erforscher1 says:

Fat bastard looks like he’s shape-shifting!!! Disgusting, cuddling up to
the P.O.S. who is invading our country. F crispie! I hope that
fat ass slob has a vapor lock TONIGHT. He makes us all SICK. Move down
there and eat re-fried beans you fat lazy lard-ass bubble-butt glutton!!! 

Gorilder says:

Still don’t like Christie 

eddyeddy34 says:

Great handshake. I´m Méxican and I aprove to laugh at my president. 

Richard Nixon says:

Fuck, yo solo se algo que los pinches ricos le han declarado la guerra a la
clase media y a los pobres y desafortunadamente la estan ganando, ese
pendejo de Enrique Peña viene abrirle mas las puertas al capital extranjero
dizque para crear empleos, pero que clase de empleos claro con salarios que
no te alcanza ni para comer, solo sirven para crear nuevos ricos y NO SOLO
hacer algo con esta esclavitud moderna, hay que actuar ya.

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