Toyota Corolla Production Moving To Mexico

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Toyota is moving Corolla production from Ontario to Mexico.


WassabiYakunglee says:

Datsun is better

James Jordan says:

an American friend
Canada go ahead let them move but you be sure and tax 32% of the cars they bring back.

El chico Boi says:

México time has come

Joaquin López says:

Mexico ????

SJ Bobkins says:

This is where we tell Toyota NO MAS, NO MAS, if Toyota expects Canadians and Americans to continue buying their cars while not paying wages to employees in countries they are now abandoning, kiss my tosh Toyota, build with Mexicans THEN SELL THEM to Mexicans

Мoleслав Dažbog says:

Viva México !

Maxx Mexx says:

Mexico is not a failed narco state like Fox-jews want.

Mexico is a successful Democratic, Progressive and Capitalistic Nation !!!!!!!!!

x71308 says:

I don't care what anyone's politics are! Do not vote for any party that supports the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) The only ones that will benefit from it are billion dollar multinational corporations!!! Voting to protect our charter of rights and freedoms would also be a very good idea. The Liberal and the PC parties are selling out our middle class to these corporations, we must stop it anyway possible!
I'm not saying vote NDP but at least a minority gov't "may" give us hope to stop this middle class killer we call the TPP. Vote smart Canada!!!

JB_Calgary says:

That's FINE! They are an Asian company..
I just hate to hear that after using OUR TAXES as bail money that GM and them moved plants to Mexico as well.. That's what is not fine.

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