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The B2B lists for the NAFTA countries of the USA and Canada as described below will provide you immediate desktop access to the most comprehensive business to business database available for doing business in these NAFTA countries.  The NAFTA B2B marketing data in this database provides you with information vital to successfully doing business in the USA and Canada for industry low prices and minimum order amounts.

  • Industry Low Pricing For B2B Lists
  • Unlimited Contact Rights
  • Each Listing Includes All Data Fields
  • Free Counts And Quotes
  • 47 Years Combined B2B Database Marketing Experience
  • No Subscription Fees
  • Free Personalized Expert Advice
  • Updated Every 6 Months
  • Sample Listings Available
  • Industry Low Minimum Order
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  • Target your search by SIC Code, sales volume, type of business, number of employees and other data selects

The business to business lists you will find listed below are more than your typical B2B marketing database.  Why? Simple! The B2B database lists you will receive will include essential marketing information that is specifically targeted to your needs and requirements, at no extra cost.

Unlike other B2B lists providers that charge you for each additional field of data you select in addition to basic contact information fields (significantly increasing your overall cost per record), our business to business lists provide you with “ALL FIELDS OF DATA” for ONE LOW PRICE per record.

ALSO, unlike other B2B list brokers who limit you to one time use per record, you may contact the prospects you get from us as often as your marketing efforts deem it worthwhile.

The business to business lists in our NAFTA B2B marketing databases are available at an industry low rates ranging as low as per record (for USA and Canada) with a minimum orders ranging from $200.00 (for Mexico) to $250.00 for the USA and Canada.  (NOTE: most B2B list brokers require a $500 to $700 minimum orders while charging an industry average of 10¢-12¢  per record with limited data and they only allow you ONE TIME USE).

NAFTA B2B lists

It is your choice, you can pay more to get your B2B lists from brokers who spend huge amounts on television or Internet advertising, or you can pocket the savings we pass along to you due to our low overhead approach to doing business and you will get the same B2B databases they are offering plus far more data at a much lower price.

The NAFTA country business to business lists you get from us provide you with data that you may easily sort and search since you get it in a user-friendly Excel format (other data formats are available).  You can search for and compile highly focused B2B lists of just the company listings that meet your “specific” needs which saves you and your company both time and money by targeting your efforts to the best prospects for your products or services.

Here are just a few of the search and compile capabilities:

    • Target your business to business lists to specific geographical areas using zip or postal codes, counties, states, or provinces.

    • Use Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes to target specific industries within your target market.

    • Target your B2B marketing lists based on Annual Sales or Number of Employees.

    • By targeting B2B database marketing efforts to your specific needs, you and your employees save precious time and money not contacting the wrong prospects – and you maximize your efforts by targeting only B2B lists of companies that have proven to be your best prospects.

The business to business marketing lists listed below are an ideal resource to help you with:

      • Direct B2B Marketing Database Mailing Campaigns

      • Saving Valuable Resources And Precious Time

      • Developing Effective Business Telemarketing List Campaigns

      • Targeting The Very Best Prospects For Your Products Or Services

      • Performing Market Research Studies

      • Gathering Intelligence On Your Competition

      • Sourcing New Suppliers Or Distributors

      • Identifying Qualified Sales Leads

      • Creating Business Partnerships Or New Ventures

Targeting Business To Business Lists To Your Specific Needs –
Here Are Samples Of The B2B List Data Available

NAFTA B2B Lists Sample 1
B2B Lists NAFTA Countries Sample 2

Your B2B marketing database will include ALL DATA FIELDS available including the following:

      • Company Name
      • Address
      • City
      • State/Province
      • Zip/Postal Code
      • Telephone
      • Fax (when available)
      • Sales Volume (when available)
      • Number of Employees (when available)
      • Contact Person (when available)
      • Contact Title (when available)
      • SIC Code
      • SIC Name

Each year thousands of companies within the business to business lists offered here have large amounts of data that requires updating, this is why the database is continuously updated through some of the following methods:

      • Telephone verification (same phone verification used by the large overhead B2B list brokers)

      • Government agencies

      • Companies registering and/or changing their data at the B2B database marketing website

      • Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce

      • Yellow Page and White Page Directories

      • Trade seminars and trade shows

      • Commerce registers

      • Leading trade newspapers, magazines and electronic publications  

      • Direct marketing firms

      • New company registrations and Incorporations

USA State Business to Business directories (Cities may also be selected as part of your targeting criteria):

Alabama Business Directory
Alaska Business Directory
Arizona Business Directory
Arkansas Business Directory
California Business Directory
Colorado Business Directory
Connecticut Business Directory
Delaware Business Directory
Florida Business Directory
Georgia Business Directory
Hawaii Business Directory
Idaho Business Directory
Illinois Business Directory
Indiana Business Directory
Iowa Business Directory
Kansas Business Directory
Kentucky Business Directory
Louisiana Business Directory
Maine Business Directory
Maryland Business Directory
Massachusetts Business Directory
Michigan Business Directory
Minnesota Business Directory
Mississippi Business Directory
Missouri Business Directory
Montana Business Directory
Nebraska Business Directory
Nevada Business Directory
New Hampshire Business Directory
New Jersey Business Directory
New Mexico Business Directory
New York Business Directory
North Carolina Business Directory
North Dakota Business Directory
Ohio Business Directory
Oklahoma Business Directory
Oregon Business Directory
Pennsylvania Business Directory
Rhode Island Business Directory
South Carolina Business Directory
South Dakota Business Directory
Tennessee Business Directory
Texas Business Directory
Utah Business Directory
Vermont Business Directory
Virginia Business Directory
Washington Business Directory
Washington DC Business Directory
West Virginia Business Directory
Wisconsin Business Directory
Wyoming Business Directory

Canadian B2B Lists (counts may vary from those posted):

Ontario Business Directory – 442,374 listings

Kingston Business Directory – 4,944 listings

Mississauga Business Directory – 24,445 listings

Ottawa Business Directory – 17,708 listings

Toronto Business Directory – 44,314 listings

Alberta Business Directory – 116,711 listings

Calgary Business Directory – 35,403 listings

Edmonton Business Directory – 27,644 listings

British Columbia Business Database – 163,844 listings

Vancouver BC Business Directory – 33,840 listings

Victoria Business Directory – 11,567 listings

Quebec Business Directory – 252,677 listings

Montreal Business Directory – 44,930 listings

Quebec City Business Directory – 8,637 listings

Manitoba Business Directory – 41,799 listings

Winnipeg Business Directory – 22,167 listings

Saskatchewan Business Directory – 41,354 listings

Saskatoon Business Directory – 8,736 listings

Regina Business Directory – 13,199 listings

Newfoundland Business Directory – 26,416 listings

St Johns Business Directory – 7,715 listings

New Brunswick Business Directory – 42,065 listings

Prince Edward Island Business Directory – 9,431 listings

Nova Scotia Business Directory – 51,189 listings

Northwest Territories Business Directory – 3,561 listings

Nunavut Business Directory – 1,427 listings

Yukon Business Directory – 3,542 listings



Each Country Has A Different Price Per Record Which Is Based On The Difficulty In Verifying The Data Within The B2B Lists – The Following Is The Cost Per Listing And Minimum Order Required By Country

  • United States And Canada – 3⊄ per listing – $250 USD minimum

  • Mexico – 20 cents per listing – $200.00 USD minimum

  • Prices May Be Less On Orders Of 50,000 or More Listings


All quotes are processed within one business day and your individualized business to business marketing lists will be available within hours of you receiving your quotation.

The B2B lists are delivered to you via two methods – your targeted data is generally delivered to you via via Email as an attachment or you may request to be provided with a UserID and Password so you may download your file direct from the server.  Payment forms accepted are MasterCard, Visa, American Express or PayPal.

Our commitment to providing quality data and innovative ways of improving the information available to you and your company is evidenced by the corporations identified below which represent only a few of the many clients who have used the data source advertised on this web page.


Mexico Business List Clients


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Due to the proprietary nature and high value of our data and the fact that once you have downloaded the data you will have unlimited use of that data, there are NO REFUNDS!