Bringing It Home Webinar: Backshoring vs Nearshoring in association with Centrecom

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Where to locate the various elements of your organisation is an ever-present concern — especially for organisations who already have a wide global footprint and may be experiencing difficulties in some of their offshore locations.

But bringing work back home can be an arduous — and expensive — experience. Are there better opportunities on your doorstep?

Weighing up the relative pros and cons of backshoring and nearshoring can require a huge amount of consideration — so if your organisation is looking at moving activities from offshore locations, why not get a helping hand by joining us for our webinar ‘Bringing It Home: Backshoring vs Nearshoring’?

Featuring Robin Voogd, General Manager, Gumtree along with Outsource editor Jamie Liddell, this exclusive event will examine the hows, whats. whys and why nots — and look at some of the costs each strategy entails — to assist you in making a decision with such lasting impact for your business.


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Bringing It Home Webinar: Backshoring vs Nearshoring

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