Shifting from Offshoring to Nearshoring: China to Mexico

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I interviewed Frank Lange who is currently the Vice President of Global Development for Menlo Worldwide Logistics, a subsidiary of Conway Corporation. He has roughly 25 years of experience in international logistics, supply chain management design etc. He is currently responsible for Menlo’s alliances, M&A etc. to expand its infrastructure around the world.

Current state of global economy and nearshoring in Mexico

Menlo Worldwide Logistics is starting to see the strength of emerging markets, particularly since the recession and the resulting recovery. In Asia and Latin America in particular you have a very fast recovery. Many companies in Asia have been nearly as impacted by the recession as others. We are starting to see not only those economies doing well with a 5% GDP growth range, but also seeing 3pl revenues increasing in these markets where 3pls are experiencing very slow growth in Europe and the US. We are starting to see growth rates on a container basis that are much higher in the emerging markets.


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