Unosquare 1 – 3 Advantages of Nearshoring

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A walk and talk about the 3 main advantages of Nearshoring software development and services to Latin America.


Imre Szenttornyay says:

Good job Mike. Love your commute! Keep walking, stay healthy 😉

miguelmx1 says:

Excelent W&T Mike!!! proud to be part of UnoSquare!!!!

Mike Barrett says:

@mastrxi – Thanks for the encouragement. Will post a couple more of these
and see where it goes. Gonna start jogging more too!

LylesBrother says:

Hi Mike! Congrats on an outstanding first vid on your new channel! You are
an on-camera natural and I sincerely enjoyed your introduction to
Nearshoring. I wish you all the best with every venture you undertake!
~Kurt 🙂

unosquare says:

Thanks Miguel! Fun to do this. Will post more.

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