Will Mexico’s new energy plan successfully attract new foreign investors?

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Mexico’s new energy plan will open up its oil resources to private companies around the world. President Enrique Peña Nieto says he hopes the plan will bring about a new economic boom. On CCTV America, Ruben Olmos, International Government Relations Consultant, says the plan may bring as much growth to Mexico as NAFTA did.

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Joe Guerra says:

Pinche vendido…no Se vender nada

Joe Guerra says:

Vende patria, piñajoto…

Powerdriller Power says:

Let´s get clear about these reforms :

1) Most of the Mexican people are against them. The Government managed to
avoid a
referendum about the reforms using all kind of barely legal excuses
and fallacies.
2) We know that these reforms are pushed by the Banksters and other
Financegansters of
Wall Street, those guys wrist-twisted the fucking idiot President
Peña Nieto by
threatening to cause an economical crises in Mexico.
3) We know that the foreign companies will buy deep water oil parcels
valued at X dollars,
and then they immediately will issue shares for 20 times X .
Profiting a big deal with
such swindle trick 2000% (inflating more the world economy balloon).

4) We know ,in Mexico, that the foreign companies are going to extract
more oil than they
will report to the Mex Government and will not pay taxes as they
should, maybe 50% less
than they should.
5) We know that if the foreign companies are caught under-reporting they
will recur to bribe
the inspectors or beyond.
6) We know that the shale gas business poisons the land and water, and that
even in the
USA there are protests against it, and that in Europe the Shale
Gas is forbiden.
7) We know that Mexico have a suplus in energy (Expor$ – Import$) revenues
for 24 billion
dollars annually, and that the expected foreign investment is gonna
be less than 50
million dollars. Besides Mexico has dollars reserves in the order of
200 million dollars.
Mexico does not need money to invest, what it needs is to not be
threatened by the
International Banksters like Goldman Sachs.
8) We know that PEMEX, the Mex oil company, needs a reform but what the
their-own-country-sellers in Government do not want to bother the
ganster interests that
parasites PEMEX, mainly because the government big shots are part of
those interests.
9) We know that the Mex Government big shots are rubbing their hands
anxious to get a cut
for every parcel sold to foreign, and that big big personal fortunes
are gonna be made.
10) We know that we can convince the Mex people to vote against these
scoundrels and
then we will reverse these traitor reforms.

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