San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce – Symposium Video
The town of Del Rio is packed with so much culture and history that one trip just wont do it.
This took place at Lawrence High School Lawrence, MA. Come and support our next competition on November 9 at Commerce High School in Springfield, MA
The Department of Commerce has worked with thousands of companies to increase their exports. Hear from some small business owners about their experience. To learn more about exporting, visit
John Zamora names early members of the organization and describes how Los Angeles and other businessmen encouraged group expectations and practices to establish a formal, long term organization among local business leaders.
Rendez vous Pan, Queso y Vino à la Chambre Franco Mexicaine de Commerce et d’Industrie Retrouvez l’article sur, le journal des Français et francophone de Mexico
CNN-Dobbs Video – Dobbs busts bush’s NAU goboy Commerce Secretary Carlos Guiterrez giving a speech about the North American Union while in Mexico. Dobbs also states that bush wants the integration finished by 2010. Lou [More]
U.S. Border Fence walls off Mexico Route 2 Highway, Mexican Army Checkpoint halts American Commerce GP020021, 2 December 2013, entering Puerto Fronterizo San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico, Video Map Webpage: