The U.S. Department of Commerce on Friday told Congress it plans to approve contracts to export crude oil to Mexico, lifting a four-decade, unofficial ban on selling oil south of the border. Officials familiar with [More]
USA production groups said a decision to swap crude oil with Mexico is a much needed step toward a full easing of the ban on domestic oil exports.The U.S. Commerce Department last week granted a [More]
Fun, Informative and educational. In this video we cover everything you need to know about imports and exports. Find out the factors that cause X-D to change, and learn useful evaluation points you can use [More]
Similar pricing trends discussed among related Mexican and US beef cuts; A positive trend for US chicken export market; NRA and Women’s Foodservice Forum join forces to develop next generation of industry leaders; Sponsored by [More]
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Frutitlan Company: avocado exports from Mexico to Europe. An interview about the process of export avocados from Mexico to Germany. Stakeholder’s opinion about the experience for first containers sent to Europe as part a sell [More]
Michoacan, MExico (NTN24) — The town of Tlalpujahua in Mexico each year crafts 100 million Christmas ornaments — exporting the vast majority to the United States and Canada, bringing in much needed revenue despite hard [More]
Trade between the United States and Mexico has generally been a sweet affair, with a value of more than $500 billion annually. However, a dispute over sugar is threatening that relationship. CCTV’s Franc Contreras reports [More]
HERMOSILLO, Mexico — Sonoran grape growers’ forecast for the 2012 season, released April 27, shows projected total export volume of more than 16.3 million cartons. The export projection is larger than that of the past [More]
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and a host of high-level officials will travel to the APEC Leaders Meeting and then begin a state visit to China. From Mexico City, CCTV’s Franc Contreras has this look [More]
Spanish project for Mr. Treviño. Exports from Mexico voice-over.
Industrial activity in Mexico increased slightly. Statistics from the Mexican Census highlighted that in this area there was a slight growth of 1.3% in May reflected in June’s report, mainly in the production of automobile [More]
NDN was at the Border Security Conference In El Paso, TX, while there we sat down with members of the border community for a series of video interviews.
Mexico’s car production and exports shot up in March and it said it overtook Japan as the second biggest vehicle exporter to the United States in the past three months. Canada holds the number one [More]