On August 29, 2007, the International Business Council of Florida (IBCF) celebrated Mexico in the best way possible! Hundreds of Business Leaders and dozens of local celebrities packed the CitiBank Branch in the Village of [More]
MexicoToday interviews Jorge Lopez, ProMexico’s Regional Director for North America, who speaks about the factors that make Mexico an important international trading partner to watch. Jorge speaks about Mexico’s strong economy and the growing importance [More]
http://mexicotoday.org Jorge Lopez, Regional Director for ProMexico North America, talks about international trade in Mexico. Mr. Lopez explains that Mexico is “one of the most international countries in the world that has at least 12 [More]
Mexico’s economic growth and development are praised by executives from Bombardier, Scotiabank, Siemens, and Coca-Cola; as well as Tom Donohue of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and former U.S. Trade Representative Carla Hills.
Buy the Book here – http://internationalliving.com/the-international-living-guide-to-retiring-overseas-on-a-budget-2/ Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher, senior editors at InternationalLiving.com made their first move overseas in 2001, and they’ve been living the expat life ever since, writing and reporting on [More]
Interested in developing an international business law career? This program, geared toward both law students and practitioners, features a panel of seasoned business attorneys practicing in the international law arena. Panelists discuss their respective career [More]
http://www.tecma.com El Paso, Texas – based Pallets & Crates International manufactures in Mexico under the Tecma Group of Companies’ Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Partnership (MSMP), and is the leading provider of new engineered, low-cost wood pallets [More]
A recent article by the Financial Times highlights Mexico’s record-breaking number of international tourists in December 2011. The Mexican Tourism Industry has never been stronger in terms of attracting foreign visitors to Mexico. http://mexicotoday.org/
Last week the Mexican government passed legislation that opened the country’s oil and gas industry to foreign investment. Experts believe that this could allow Mexico to one day grow into one of the world’s largest [More]
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto announced the construction of a new international airport for Mexico City on Tuesday. He made the announcement during his second state-of-the-nation address, in which he defended reforms instituted since he [More]