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Interview with 2 experts on Mexico nearshoring and talent issues
US industry magazine IMPO asks about the book “Industrial Shift: The Structure of the New World Economy” – Is the US still a viable manufacturer? – Is re-shoring or near-shoring to Mexico here to stay? [More]
Carefully cultivated over the last decade, the Mexico nearshoring brand is moving to a new stage of maturity, says MexicoIT’s Alfredo Pacheco
I interviewed Frank Lange who is currently the Vice President of Global Development for Menlo Worldwide Logistics, a subsidiary of Conway Corporation. He has roughly 25 years of experience in international logistics, supply chain management [More]
– Nissan Draws Ire of FTC – CLA Attracts New Customers – Mexican Market 101 – Kia Design to Go Further – Model S China Pricing Announced – 2015 Cadillac Escalade Pricing – Honda Sees [More]
Sage Wood de Mexico is a full service import export company providing service between Mexico and the United states. It’s main offices are located in Manzanillo, Colima and Pocatello, Idaho.
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Whole Foods Market produce buyers and field inspectors scout for new Whole Trade® suppliers in Mexico in 2011. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/179claK About Whole Foods: Who are we? Well, we seek out the finest natural and organic [More]
Glice® synthetic ice is the leading provider of high-quality zero-engery synthetic ice. It is increasingly used for ice hockey trainings, including home-based rinks. Contact: http://glicerink.com/contact.html
The Mexico City World Trade Center is a great place to hold a convention or other event. If you’re attending the Mexico City World Trade Center for an event, be sure to check out http://www.conventioncenterhotelnetwork.com/mexico-city [More]
Mexico is the country in Latin America with the highest number of free trade agreements. In 1994, it signed onto NAFTA with the United States and Canada. This free trade agreement has left behind more [More]
http://mexicotoday.org Jorge Lopez, Regional Director for ProMexico North America, talks about international trade in Mexico. Mr. Lopez explains that Mexico is “one of the most international countries in the world that has at least 12 [More]
Fars News is reporting that Iran and Mexico are seeking to strengthen their ties with signing a new trade agreement. In another related article, it also states that Iran is looking to import goods to [More]
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and a host of high-level officials will travel to the APEC forum and begin an official visit to China. CCTV America’s Franc Contreras reported this story from Mexico City.
Arizona State University Physicist Lawrence Krauss makes his monthly appearance on Arizona Horizon to talk about the most recent news on the Higgs Boson particle. A half-dozen Arizona lawmakers went to Mexico City on mission [More]