Two years ago, Mexican auto parts supplier took over a failing factory near Cologne.The German plant had the core competence that would allow Metalsa to work in the premium segment with manufacturers like Audi, Daimler [More]
Mexico is a global manufacturing powerhouse. The North American country sits next door to the all important US market and production costs there are low. Now German auto manufacturer, BMW has announced it too will [More]
A jimador cuts down and prepares a blue agave plant to be used to make tequila. This video was taken in Mexico, April 2009. From the website,
. Kurkure manufacturing making plant machines manufacturer supplier for Mexico Labh Group — A leading manufacturer and exporter of best quality snacks food production line exporting to more than 100 countries worldwide. Wide range [More]
Mexico at work Fishermen netting fish. Primitive houses. More up to date fishing with lines and nets. Coconut palms and harvesting coconuts. Bananas. Oil wells. Sugar Beet. Oxen ploughing. Sugar cane and taking it to [More]
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The Fiat 500 (Type 312) is a city car built by Italian automaker Fiat since 2007. The car is currently produced in Tychy, Poland, by Fiat Auto Poland S.A. and in Toluca, Mexico, by Chrysler [More]