James Wood is CEO of the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau. While attending the 2012 meeting of the Professional Convention Management Association in Mazatlan, Mexico, James discusses the dramatic positive changes in tourism in Mexico [More]
Amerimed, the only Emergency medicine Specialists in Banderas Bay. Our Vision is to become the leading certified hospital network in the principal tourist destinations in Mexico, thus, becoming the first choice for medical attention option [More]
Discusses some of the legal considerations of investing in the Mexican hospitality industry, including buying beachfront property, real estate, environmental, transportation and other issues. For more information on doing business in Mexico, go to www.maycruz.com.
A recent article by the Financial Times highlights Mexico’s record-breaking number of international tourists in December 2011. The Mexican Tourism Industry has never been stronger in terms of attracting foreign visitors to Mexico. http://mexicotoday.org/
http://mexicotoday.org/ Eduardo Chaillo, Executive Director for the Meetings Industry at the Mexico Tourism Board spoke with MexicoToday about conferences in Mexico as well as why the meetings and conventions industry is booming in the country. [More]
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Growth projections in Mexico have been downgraded and the government is looking for ways to inject new vibrancy into the economy, which has been missing. It’s being done by turning to a trusted and true [More]