At the Republican debate in Houston, Donald Trump defended his proposal for a new wall on the USA-Mexico border and stated he would be willing to start a trade war. Video Transcript: Former Mexican President [More]
It was a deal that created the largest free trade region in the world, but 20 years on there is still debate over the benefits of the North America Free Trade Agreement. It is an [More]
Phillip Poland, Customs and Regulatory Trade Affairs expert at DHL, shares his advice to small and medium business who are looking to trade with U.S. neighbors – Canada and Mexico. Trade agreements make it easy [More]
The Phoenix City Council recently approved an initiative establishing a trade office in Mexico City that will expand opportunities for Valley businesses looking to reach the Mexico market. In a special video blog entry, Greater [More]
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Instructions: 1. Go to playlists (there are several) 2. Don’t Waste Your Time — View videos of words you DO NOT ALREADY KNOW 3. Continue to view words until you know them by heart [More]
MexicoToday interviews Jorge Lopez, ProMexico’s Regional Director for North America, who speaks about the factors that make Mexico an important international trading partner to watch. Jorge speaks about Mexico’s strong economy and the growing importance [More]
Texas State Representative explains the importance of trade with Mexico. Mexico is America’s largest trading partner and they hold great cultural ties. For more information visit
Whole Foods Market produce buyers and field inspectors scout for new Whole Trade® suppliers in Mexico in 2011. SUBSCRIBE: About Whole Foods: Who are we? Well, we seek out the finest natural and organic [More]
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The Mexico City World Trade Center is a great place to hold a convention or other event. If you’re attending the Mexico City World Trade Center for an event, be sure to check out [More]
Mexico is the country in Latin America with the highest number of free trade agreements. In 1994, it signed onto NAFTA with the United States and Canada. This free trade agreement has left behind more [More] Jorge Lopez, Regional Director for ProMexico North America, talks about international trade in Mexico. Mr. Lopez explains that Mexico is “one of the most international countries in the world that has at least 12 [More]
Fars News is reporting that Iran and Mexico are seeking to strengthen their ties with signing a new trade agreement. In another related article, it also states that Iran is looking to import goods to [More]
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and a host of high-level officials will travel to the APEC forum and begin an official visit to China. CCTV America’s Franc Contreras reported this story from Mexico City.
Arizona State University Physicist Lawrence Krauss makes his monthly appearance on Arizona Horizon to talk about the most recent news on the Higgs Boson particle. A half-dozen Arizona lawmakers went to Mexico City on mission [More]